Quirk: your ABAP partner

Quirk is your reliable partner for implementing complex SAP projects. Reliability according to Quirk is: fulfilling an assignment within the agreed timeframe and budget while creating a quality solution. I do not promise things I cannot deliver.

Quirk is a proactive partner: when I get a design I will think about the underlying process and I will look for the most optimal solution. When I see alternatives, or I suspect a flaw in the design, I will do my best to convince the customer of my view.

Quirk is a fun partner: when I am part of a project, I am part of a project team. I enjoy the company of colleagues and like to keep the atmosphere light, even though project stress levels may be high.

Quirk is a valuable partner: bottom line is that I want to end a project knowing that the customer has gotten more value than what he or she bargained for.

More than just projects

Quirk can do more than mere projects! I am an enthousiastic coach of young talent. I can also provide ABAP training sessions, from starters to experienced professionals.