A professional partner

Quirk has exactly one employee: Roy van de Kerkhof, me. I started working in IT in 1995 and since 1999 I have specialized in ABAP programming.

I have more than ten years of experience in designing and building ABAP applications, first as an enthusiastic junior and now as a team leading senior. My work is characterized by accuracy and speed. I have a client oriented attitude. I use all modern ABAP coding techniques and model my code according to the MVC principle. What’s more, I am a strong communicator and speak several languages. I usually work in projects, also international ones and rise to the occasion when project stress levels go up.

I work with BAPIs, BAdIs, ABAP proxy’s, the enhancement framework, SAPscript, Smartforms, XML, WebDynpro, in short, with all techniques that are available in SAP.

For several projects I have taken on the role of team lead. I also do technical reviews of SAP projects and give trainings.